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Dave Marley

Dave Marley's Shows
Day Start Time Show Name Show Info.
Monday 01:00 The Simply Series Each show, I pick a random year between 1960 through to 1999 and that show will be dedicated to one particular year each week. The show content will include the best UK pop chart tracks of the featured year, Movie trailers, What was on TV (theme tunes), UK TV commercials. Its a fast moving happy show with lots of content, information and bags of nostalgia.
Monday 06:00 The Classic Chart Rundown I'll be bringing you a random Top 20 Chart countdown from anywhere between 1957 to 1989. It's a real nostalgia trip every time and if you're like me, a true lover of music, it won't take you long to fall in love with the show and all the personal memories it holds for every individual.
Sunday 07:00 The Experience My show "The Experience" is something cool, refreshing, kinda hip, and fun to listen to. The music featured in the show can be anything from Dance, Latino, Break Beat, RnB, Jazz and Soulful House. The show defiantly has a sound and style of its own and I really enjoy producing and presenting it every week.
About Dave Marley
When it comes to music, it literally rules my life. I have been DJing since the early ’80s, but it wasn’t until the mid 90’s that I became interested in radio presenting. I love and respect all types of good music, right from as far back as the classic ’50s through to the indie-pop ’90s. Unfortunately, I didn’t really enjoy much of what music had to offer after the ’90s ended.

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